We Focus on Your Success

We exist to help transform the business model for our institutional partners

Strategic Rationale


To achieve Market expansion, Technology efficiency and Operational effectiveness while strengthening the mission of the institution. Business model transformation can be achieved through a collaborative partnership.


To increase the depth of human resources and to achieve greater functional capacity in all areas of the organization.


Active management with our institutional partners allows for improved execution and accountability on all supporting services

Core Education Services, PBC Supporting Resources

The process begins with your success in mind. Core has significant insights into the higher education competitive environment as well as the operating mechanics of an institution.  The journey forward to success is likely to look significantly different than the past, while maintaining or strengthening the mission.

Core Education partners with institutions who are ready to achieve prosperity in an era of uncertainty.  A partnership requires both presidential and board leadership.

Core places a significant emphasis on business intelligence, financial modeling, growing revenue, streamlining technology, improving workflow and operating processes.  These areas will have a significant impact on both short-term financial improvement and long-term prosperity.



Supporting Services Include:

Value to Partners


Subject Matter Expertise in all Functional Areas of the Organization

Through an increase in depth of human resources our partners are able to reach new heights of success.


Revenue Growth and Technology

Our leadership team and supporting staff are your partners for prosperity. We work with our partners to confirm institutional priorities and assist them in identifying both revenue growth and technology modernization opportunities. Supporting services and resources are then aligned for operational execution and success.


Long-term Prosperity

Our ability to transform the higher education business model through economies of scale and deep subject matter expertise for tactical and strategic execution of your operational plans.

Core Education Support Services

To meet our mission and vision we provide a comprehensive offering of support services designed exclusively for our partner institutions.

A Comprehensive Shared Service Organization


Diversified Group of Institutions

A collection of independent colleges and universities with various programs and missions.


Strength of Numbers

Economies of scale – to have the benefit of size with the flexibility and innovation to be your best self.

Becoming a Partner


Partnership Study


Onboarding Process


Scaling of Services