Making the Case for Business Model Transformation

How do you know if your institution needs business model transformation? And how can you transform while maintaining your mission and independence? Read our guide on Making the Case for Business Model Transformation to learn more.

Core Education, Prosperity Partner for Transformational Leaders

Ambition is a critical success factor in higher education leadership. Core Founder Rick Beyer shares his insights into how transformative thinking and an aspirational mindset can positively impact an institution’s long-term business model.

Capital Strategies for Colleges and Universities: Transforming the Business Model

As a mission-critical operating partner for colleges and universities, Core Education enables our institutional partners to attract strategic capital for business model transformation purposes. Learn about how we can accomplish more together in addressing business model transformation and attracting capital for strategic purposes.

Digital Campus Transformation: Integrating Technology, Culture, & Practice

Technology has become increasingly important to higher education over the past decade; however, its benefits have not been realized equally across the industry. Colleges and universities must embrace a new approach to data literacy, analytics, and systems integration to achieve true digital transformation.

Core Education: Transforming the Business Model for CIC Institutions

Core Education recognizes that senior leaders are out in front working across campus to move institutions into a more prosperous state, and that more internal data and unique approaches can be helpful. In a recent webinar hosted in partnership with Core Education and the Council of Independent Colleges, we delved into securing Board support for transformative investments, exploring alternatives beyond shared services, and steering clear of the pitfalls associated with mergers.

Core Education & CES: Future-Proofing Private Higher Education's Business Model

Successful organizations experience cycles of prosperity and scarcity, and those that endure are nimble enough to transform their business model to thrive amid change. Leaders from business, higher education industry, and within the academy discuss the need for business model transformation in the face of an ever-evolving economic, demographic, and cultural landscape.

3 Insights for Transforming Higher Education

There are no quick fixes to the systemic issues facing higher education. Incremental change is not enough, and business model transformation is required. Jayson Boyers, Core’s Senior Vice President, Business Process & Operations and former President of Cleary University and Rosemont College, shared his insights on how CFOs and other campus leaders can tactically position their institutions for financial and operational change.

Inspiring Future with Unlimited Potential: Greensboro College

Dr. Larry Czarda, President of Greensboro College — joined by Kamalika Sandell, President of Core Education —discusses how additive and strategic initiatives helped to strengthen the future of Greensboro College. President Czarda provides insights into how to move a campus away from business as usual and engage in institution-wide transformation with Core Education.

Top 6 Tips for Preventing Cybersecurity Attacks

Unfortunately hacking has become increasingly common in higher education. Nonprofit colleges across the United States are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Firewalls are simply not enough without a contemporary security plan, incident response procedures, and strategic information security leadership. Protecting your students, data, and finances from sophisticated hackers requires a wide range of tools and in-depth expertise. Core's technology team conducts readiness assessments and white-hat penetration tests to reduce vulnerabilities and improve response time for our affiliates.

Core Education, Catalyst for Business Model Transformation in Higher Education

Nonprofit institutions are disproportionately impacted by the systemic challenges facing higher education. This new era requires a transformational approach to prosperity. Core's Founder, Rick Beyer, and President, Kamalika Sandell, discuss what transformation means and how an operating partner can bring transformation within reach.

Technology Innovations Transforming Higher Education

The power of technology has become indispensable in operating a modern university. However, for smaller institutions, the total cost of ownership for the latest systems can be prohibitively expensive. An operating partner model can reduce the financial barriers to embracing a digital campus.

Success Strategies for Small to Midsize Colleges

Addressing the systemic issues in higher education requires more than incrementalism: transformational changes are required for many smaller schools to survive and remain independent. Core's Founder, Rick Beyer, joined Dr. Drumm McNaughton to discuss innovative approaches to overcome today's industry headwinds.