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Unparalleled Support for Real-World Challenges

Core has established a groundbreaking partnership with the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) designed to empower CIC members to solve real world challenges, including long-term financial prosperity. Through this partnership, CIC member institutions and their boards can embark on an innovative journey of business model transformation. After conducting a collaborative “Prosperity Study,” we can align Core’s comprehensive services to meet your institution’s needs. We work alongside your team to execute specific strategies addressing short, medium, and long-term business model transformation goals.

Transforming the Business Model for CIC Institutions

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The first step is to schedule an initial conversation to talk about the specific challenges and opportunities facing your institution. You can book an introductory conversation with Core's leadership team here.

What is a Prosperity Study?

A Prosperity Study is a sixty-day collaborative project designed to fit the unique circumstances of each institution.

The study typically includes:

  • • Revenue analysis
  • • Academic delivery costs
  • • Financial prosperity gap
  • • Development of strategic growth building blocks
  • • Understanding operating rhythms and policies
  • • Technology assessment
  • • Financial modeling
  • • Organizational implementation, and
  • • Capital strategies.

Prior to a Prosperity Study, we recommend that the president along with key board members take time to understand how Core can open up new possibilities for the future as a long-term, mission-critical operating partner. Board support of the president is a key requirement for successful partnerships and business model transformation, and this approach can also help migrate a board to a truly strategic governing body. At the conclusion of the Prosperity Study, a detailed implementation plan is presented to be operationalized as a “do-it-yourself” model or in partnership with Core.

To learn more about the Prosperity Study process, download our deep-dive here.

Core and CIC Leadership

Marjorie Hass

CIC President

"Our member institutions value added depth of resources and many are seeking innovative ways to transform their business model. We greatly appreciate the approach Core has taken as a public benefit corporation to support our members."

Rick Beyer

Core Executive Chairman

"Business model transformation requires a fundamental change of organizational assumptions. With a collective budget of $700 million among our affiliated institutions, Core's increasing economies of scale make it possible for us to provide the resources necessary to drive strategic initiatives that would otherwise be out of reach. CIC members now have a true operating partner who understands what it takes to create a culture of success and execute tactical plans for both short and long-term financial prosperity."

Matt Trainum

CIC Vice President for Networks and Strategic Partnerships

"The operating partnership Core offers is an important initiative. CIC’s strategic agreement with Core creates a platform that our members can immediately use for assistance with real operating and strategic issues."

Kamalika Sandell

Core President

"We deploy our people, services, and solutions into the day-to-day operations of our partner institutions. This hands-on approach ensures that your institution can realize its full potential."