The Crucial Path to Digital Excellence in Higher Education: From Outdated to Outstanding

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 15, 2024 – We at Core Education are excited to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Workday, the leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance, human resources, and student information systems. This collaboration offers an opportunity for the mid-college market to revolutionize the way institutions manage their resources, streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Excerpts from Workday’s Announcement of Core Education partnership

The need for digital transformation in the private higher education sector is greater than ever. Institutions that have depended on antiquated information technology systems are confronted with a crucial decision. The limitations of antiquated technology—its inflexibility, inefficiency, and disconnection from contemporary educational requirements—cast a long shadow over their capacity to develop and ad

Core Education PBC has established itself as a catalyst for change upon recognizing the need for this essential transition. Core Education is actively shaping the direction of the digital future by partnering with Workday, the leading company in cloud-based software for human resources and finance, instead of simply reacting to it. This partnership will provide small private institutions with a clear and efficient path to transition to comprehensive and user-friendly digital platforms that are specifically designed to meet the complex and subtle requirements of higher education.

The partnership with Workday exemplifies the transformative capacity of technology when aligned with educational objectives. It affirms the notion that these institutions have the potential to thrive, progress, and assume a dominant position in a digital setting, rather than just managing to survive. Small, private higher education institutions can overcome the constraints of outdated systems and transition towards a future where achieving success is not only possible, but certain, by adopting the digital core.

The primary motivation behind this collaboration lies in its capacity to have a significant impact with smaller institutions, particularly those with student enrollments less than 15,000. Core Education aims to enhance the financial control, human resource management, student-focused solutions, and data analytics of these entities by incorporating Workday’s advanced software solutions into Core’s Digital Platform. This initiative exemplifies Core’s dedication to use technology to foster an effective and thriving culture in higher education.

“Collaborating with Workday marks a significant milestone in our journey towards transforming educational institutions,” said Core Education President Kamalika Sandell. “Workday’s innovative platform aligns perfectly with our mission to empower institutions to transform their business model with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly dynamic environment. This partnership will benefit institutions across the country and is a testament to Core’s technology commitment to its institutional partners.”

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