Webinar: Supporting the President in Business Model Transformation

Presidents are faced with a difficult challenge: leading their institution forward despite external and internal headwinds. A narrow focus on prudent stewardship can lead to incremental improvements that are nevertheless insufficient. Internal paradigms can inadvertently place limits on ambitious thinking. However, ambition is necessary for a successful future.

This information-packed webinar described how Core can provide a new operating partner approach to institutional prosperity. Core partners with traditional colleges and universities to achieve revenue growth, operational effectiveness, & technology efficiency. The Core Affiliate Network is comprised of 15 institutions with a collective budget of $700M. These economies of scale allow new levels of resources and insights for the benefit of our partners. Business model transformation does not require changing who you are as an institution, but it changes what you can accomplish.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on September 19, 2023, at 2:00 PM EST for this insightful event.

Key Takeaways for Presidents:
• Essential toolbox for business model transformation
• Strategies to balance serving as both “CEO” & “COO” in business model transformation
• Unlocking balance sheet for investment
• Venture philanthropy’s role in funding business model transformation
• Cultivating a mindset of abundance versus scarcity
• How an operating partner like Core can become a catalyst for business model transformation

Key Takeaways for Board Members:
• Board’s responsibility to move at the pace of business to meet the changing demands of the higher education market – and how business model transformation starts with the board
• Board’s role and accountability for an institution’s capital strategy
• Subcommittee structure to support the president on business model transformation
• Engaging strategically to increase momentum and produce energy for the institution
• Cultivating a mindset of abundance versus scarcity
• Maintaining high expectations while supporting the president with faculty, staff, and administration