Susan Poglinco

Senior Fellow

Susan Poglinco, PhD

Senior Fellow

Susan Poglinco is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience spanning Global Revenue Growth, Partnership Expansion, and Education Innovation across various sectors from high-growth startups to esteemed higher education institutions within the Education, Higher Ed, and EdTech industries.

As a Global Business Strategist, she boasts a proven track record in identifying underserved, diverse student populations and crafting tailored programs to address educational needs, effectively narrowing equity and opportunity gaps. Recognized as both an Innovator and Revenue Growth Expert, Susan excels in uncovering untapped market potential, spearheading strategic education initiatives, and forging key partnerships to expand market reach, foster innovation, and drive recurring revenue.

Her expertise extends to Education & Audience Expansion Advisory roles, where she specializes in developing digital curricula that position organizations as industry leaders, optimizing content to meet the needs of students and educators while maximizing community engagement. Susan is adept at nurturing global, high-performing interdisciplinary teams, fostering collaborative cultures rooted in inclusivity and diversity appreciation.

Her achievements include securing a multi-campus deal valued at over $234K over 3 years, tripling graduate portfolio growth over 4 years, winning a $600K grant, and consistently generating impressive year-over-year revenue increases ranging from $3M to $19M. Susan’s educational background includes institutions such as CUNY, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Syracuse, Northeastern, and Princeton, while her corporate experience includes roles at prestigious organizations such as the Public Broadcasting System, National Public Radio, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.