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Ensuring the next 100 years at Anderson University 


Anderson University (AU) arrived at an important crossroads shortly after the pandemic. Anderson AU needed to redefine what the next 100+ years would look like, remaining committed to their its mission of educating for a life of faith and service while confronting the demographic cliff and a national conversation about the value of higher education. The AU leadership and board decided to take ownership of their future by serving new learners, creating new non-degree pathways, and building a workforce strategy that would enhance their the AU community. They decided to work with Core to amplify their the school’s existing bandwidth and resources in a time when campuses across the country are faced with serious financial challenges.  


The city of Anderson, Indiana lost 23,000 jobs when General Motors shut down, and Anderson University has been an important part of the work to reimagine the town’s vitality. AU partnered with Core to focus on expanding the number of freshmen and transfer students it brings to campus, developing workforce development certificate programs, and creating a venture philanthropy campaign to invest in a campus that is located in the heart of the Anderson, Indiana community. AU worked with Core to grow the campus and its influence across its region, with the vision to establish the University as a convener and catalyst for economic opportunity in Madison County. The strategy is simple: build the ecosystem that lifts Anderson University, the city, and surrounding companies, and in the process, become a light to their piece of the world. 


Core has become a true strategic partner to Anderson University in developing expanded opportunities for growth. The partnership has grown to include strategic finance, building enrollment channels, and supplementing areas where labor market demands have created gaps.  Core works with cabinet, the board, and the executive committee to create short- and long-term strategies for growth and development. We work collaboratively with the institution’s leadership to create and execute prosperity initiatives that stay true to the mission and people of Anderson University while moving toward sustainable growth.