Case Study – Institutional Research

Challenge:   Institutional research is a crucial function within any college or university.  It is a necessary regulatory requirement, but it can also provide valuable business intelligence for operations, finance, and enrollment improvement.   Too often the IR function will only focus on academic outcomes and regulatory reporting due to limited capacity or expertise.  Hiring and retaining good IR talent is a challenge.

Solution:  Our partner repurposed the existing budget for an open IR position to pay for a best-in-class fractional leadership team through Core’s supporting services.   The new hybrid IR department is linked to our technology capabilities and can provide significantly more insight than ever before.

Results: Our institutional partner benefited from:

  • Significantly more business intelligence for finance
  • Better and timely regulatory reporting and academic outcomes
  • Better insight into revenue and segmentation strategies
  • Better insights into enrollment management and pricing strategies

Conclusion: For the cost of an existing and budgeted but vacant resource, our partner was able to spend the same amount to leverage a team of subject matter experts and receive significantly more value and depth of experience than any individual person they could hire.

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