Core Education Services, PBC, is a Public Benefit Corporation. We exist for the benefit of our institutional partners with a goal to help transform the business model for small and mid-sized institutions.  We accomplish business model transformation through innovative shared services, enabling Market expansion, Technology efficiency, and Operational effectiveness.  Core has built a talented staff with significant organizational depth that would otherwise not be available to small and mid-sized institutions.

Small and mid-size institutions are disproportionately impacted by the systemic issues facing higher education today. A lack of economies of scale are direct challenges to the business model transformation process.   Core Education offers economies of scale through functional supporting areas including:  Business intelligence, Financial modeling, Treasury services, Enrollment Expansion, Marketing, Technology stabilization and modernization,  Workforce Development Programming, Academic Content Curation, Institutional Research, Registrar,  Instructional Design, Compliance Services and Capital Strategies.



To be a prosperity platform -  Transforming the business model for small and mid-sized institutions



To serve small and mid-sized institutions through transformative shared services



  • Active Management, Shared Accountability, Market Expansion • Technological Efficiency • Operational Effectiveness

Situational Assessment of Higher Education

  • Competitive institutions of the future will require a financial model that allows for continuous re-investment for success.
  • Across the country, small and mid-size institutions struggle with quality of earnings and have a prosperity gap that requires true business model transformation.
  • Hundreds of institutions will find it increasingly difficult to compete in the market due to economies of scale deficiency, insufficient depth of human resources, and the inability to reinvest into their future. Core Education addresses these challenges through our shared services platform.

Strategic Rationale

  • To transform the business model and achieve long-term financial prosperity.
  • Realize a greater capacity to be your best-self in all functional areas of the institution while strengthening mission.